Make your stay at Yas Island even more memorable with additional experiences at Yas Marina Circuits and other attractions around Abu Dhabi.

Driving Experiences

  • Formula Yas 3000

    Put yourself in the shoes of a professional racing driver revving a 3000cc V6 engine. This race-worthy engine was developed specifically for the circuit by high performance Formula 1® engineer Cosworth.
  • Aston Martin GT4

    The Aston Martin GT4 has the look of its distinguished Vantage sibling, but moves fearlessly like a race car. Light on its wheels, this vehicle navigates sharp corners with ease and crosses a straight with the swiftness of a predator.
  • Caterham Seven 360

    This iconic racing classic with a legendary sporting pedigree is the latest exciting addition to Yas Marina Circuit's fleet. The distinct lines of the Caterham Seven 360 - once deemed 'too fast to race' - will be sure to get your pulse racing.
  • Polaris Drift Sprint

    Go to head-to-head with your friends, family or colleagues over two dynamic dry & wet short courses. Drive the Polaris RZR RS1 in a unique sprint race while drifting at the same time.
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS Drag Racing

    You can feel the high-octane adrenaline rush of the Chevrolet Camaro SS as it runs from zero to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds and through the quarter-mile in 13.3 seconds.
  • Yas Kartzone powered by ADNOC

    The beauty of go-karting is that you don't have to be a professional racer to quickly get a feel for the sport. Begginers are welcome - you'll get the hang of the 800m track before you know it!

Passenger Experiences

  • Yas Radical SST Passenger Ride

    You don't have to be behind the wheel to get a taste of the track. Let a professional racing driver take you for an incredible ride in the Yas Radical SST. Like its name suggests, this vehicle provides an extreme experience.
  • Chevrolet Drift Taxi

    Drift Taxi is an exhilarating and thrilling passenger experience where you drift on extreme angles around the North Handling of Yas Marina Circuit. Our professional drift instructor ready to take you for a spin.
  • Aston Martin GT4 Passenger Experience

    Imagine the drive of your life in the customized racing passenger seat of the distinguished Aston Martin GT4 and flying around the Yas Marina Circuit at pace.
  • Caterham Seven Passenger Ride

    Charm meets modern technology in this super-lightweight sports car by Caterham Cars. This modern reproduction of an old Lotus design is fearsomely potent and can compete with the most powerful supercars.

Venue Tours

  • Polaris Venue Tour

    Our guided tour will take you behind the scenes of the world-class Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, one of the biggest and most exciting events on the Middle East's sporting calendar.
  • Venue Tour

    Explore of one of the world's most advanced Formula 1 circuits from the inside out. On a guided Venue Tour of Yas Marina Circuit, you'll get to immerse yourself in a world usually seen only by race drivers and their teams.


  • Qasr Al Hosn

    Qasr Al Hosn forms part of the Al Hosn cultural site. Located in downtown Abu Dhabi, Al Hosn is the original urban block of the city, a witness to the evolution of the city from a traditional pearling settlement to a modern global metropolis.
  • Qasr Al Watan

    A new cultural landmark housed within the Presidential Palace compound. A Palace brimming with knowledge, offering the world a first-of-its-kind insight into the Arab heritage and the governing principles that shaped the history of the United Arab Emirates and its vision to the future.