With its white sands, crystal clear waters and natural mangrove surroundings, Yas Beach in Abu Dhabi is an idyllic getaway perfect for watersport enthusiasts and families. Set up on a sun lounger to soak up some rays or savor tropical sips and delicious bites at any of our restaurants.

Make the Most of Your Beach Experience

  • Get that sun-kissed glow

    Spend the day under the sun and get that tan you’ve been wanting forever.

  • Ferrari Past & Present

    Explore the waters

    There’s a wide range of water sport activities. From jet-skis to kayaks to sailing, there’s no end to the fun.

  • Ferrari Store

    Rent out a private chalet on the beach

    Spend a night, or two, in your private chalet seconds away from the shore.
  • Refuel under the sun

    From restaurants to kiosks, there’s plenty of options when in need of energy.
Get the Yas Beach experience
Take a break to relax and unwind by the beach