How long has it been since you left home for an adventure or a family vacation? You need an escape, time away from it all. You can go for a quick getaway to Yas Island Abu Dhabi. 


If you're fully vaccinated, now is the perfect time to pack your bags and book a stay in one of the many fantastic  Yas Island hotels, which also happen to be some of the best hotels in the UAE capital.


And while on your Yas Island holiday, take in a show or two at Etihad Arena and Etihad Park or shop for some fabulous finds at Yas Mall. You can also go indoor skydiving at CLYMB Abu Dhabi, play a round of golf or two at Yas Links and experience the thrilling rides and attractions at some of the best theme parks in Abu Dhabi.


Easy Entry to Abu Dhabi for Fully Vaccinated Travellers


There is no quarantine in Abu Dhabi. Yes, you read that right. Fully vaccinated tourists travelling to Abu Dhabi do not need to undergo quarantine. And no quarantine means no wasted time, so you can fully enjoy your vacation.


Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi, just take the free PCR test at the airport, proceed to your hotel and wait for your PCR test result there. Your results will be out in 90 minutes.


A negative PCR test result will get you a Green Status or a Green Pass for two weeks (i.e., 14 days), during which time you can freely access all public places in Abu Dhabi, including the many attractions in Yas Island Abu Dhabi.


How about your children? Children below 16 years old do not need to undergo a PCR test upon arrival or show proof of vaccination. They automatically get a Green Pass.


Indeed, going to Yas Island Abu Dhabi for a family vacation is quick, easy and hassle-free.


Is It Safe in Yas Island Abu Dhabi?


Our staff in Yas Island Abu Dhabi are fully vaccinated. Plus, the UAE’s Green Pass system, which is fully implemented in Abu Dhabi, not only eases the requirements for fully vaccinated travellers. It also helps ensure everyone’s health and safety.


At the heart of the Green Pass system is “Al Hosn”, the UAE’s official COVID-19 results app, which you will download before leaving for Abu Dhabi and activate upon arrival at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.


The Al Hosn app has a colour status. If your Al Hosn app shows green, you’ll have access to Abu Dhabi’s public spaces. And a green status means no need for lengthy quarantines, so you can make the most out of your Yas Island Abu Dhabi vacation.


It’s so convenient to use. When visiting the restaurants, malls, museums, and amusement parks in Abu Dhabi, you just need to show your Al Hosn app status. If it’s green, you get in. It’s that simple.


But how do you get a green status on Al Hosn? It’s really easy. You get a green status on the Al Hosn app by being fully vaccinated and testing negative on the free PCR test administered at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.


This should also reassure you about your safety in Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Since access to public spaces is restricted to those with a green status in the Al Hosn app, you can rest easy that the Green Pass system limits your risk of COVID-19 exposure. 


Planning Your Vacation on Yas Island Abu Dhabi


Going on a Yas Island vacation is a straightforward process, especially for fully vaccinated individuals. However, non-vaccinated travellers may still visit Yas Island Abu Dhabi, subject to additional restrictions.


Read on for the simple procedure you need to undergo if travelling to Yas Island Abu Dhabi. The procedures and requirements will vary somewhat depending on whether you are vaccinated and come from a Green List country. The list of countries in the Green List is available on the Visit Abu Dhabi website.


What Being Fully Vaccinated Means


You are considered fully vaccinated if you have received the requisite number of doses of the accepted vaccine brands.


- Sinopharm 

- Pfizer-BioNTech 

- Sputnik 

- Oxford-AstraZeneca 

- Johnson & Johnson 

- Moderna

- Jamalika (Sputnik V)


Pre-Departure Procedures


Travellers heading to Yas Island Abu Dhabi should follow these procedures.


1. Register your arrival at the ICA UAE website or app.


If you are fully vaccinated, visit the ICA UAE website ( or download its corresponding app to fill out the ‘Register Arrivals Form’ and register your vaccination certificate at least five days before your travel date.


Once your registration gets approved, you will get an SMS notification to that effect. Download the Al Hosn app provided with the link.


If you are not fully vaccinated, register at the ICA UAE website or app at any time before your departure. You will receive a QR code via email after registration.

2. Get a PCR test before departure.

Take a PCR test no more than 48 hours before your departure. If the PCR test result is negative, print out your test result or obtain a copy of the lab report, just in case it's required upon your arrival, and board your flight as planned.


You must also take a rapid PCR test six hours before your flight if you're coming from one of these countries.


- Afghanistan

- Bangladesh

- Democratic Republic of Congo

- India

- Liberia

- Namibia

- Nepal

- Nigeria

- Pakistan

- Sierra Leone

- South Africa

- Sri Lanka

- Uganda

- Vietnam

- Zambia


If the rapid PCR test result is negative, you can board your flight as planned. Print out a copy of your PCR tests (the one from 48 hours before your departure and the rapid PCR test) and take these with you when you depart for Abu Dhabi.

Arrival in Abu Dhabi


Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, vaccinated travellers will not need to undergo quarantine. Unvaccinated travellers from non-Green List countries, however, have to undergo a 10-day quarantine.


The following are the specific procedures you will need to follow upon arrival at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.


1. Get your pre-departure PCR test validated at the airport or get your unified ID number.


If you are unvaccinated, you should get your pre-departure PCR test result validated at the airport and download the Al Hosn app.


If you are unvaccinated or are vaccinated but are coming from a non-Green List country, present your pre-departure PCR test result/s for validation at the airport. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


If you are vaccinated, get your unified ID number.


You can get this from the airport immigration or the ICA UAE app or website. You will need this to complete your registration on the Al Hosn app.


2. Get the mandatory, free PCR test at the airport.


The result will be ready in 90 minutes.


3. Proceed to your hotel.


Proceed to your Yas Island Abu Dhabi hotel while waiting for the PCR test result.


4. Start exploring Yas Island Abu Dhabi


If your PCR test result is negative, your Al Hosn app will automatically show the green status. At this point, you can start exploring Yas Island and the different Yas Island theme parks, which are among the best adventure venues in the world.


Note, however, that if you’re unvaccinated and come from a non-Green List country, you will need to undergo a 10-day quarantine at your booked Yas hotel Abu Dhabi.


5. Get additional PCR tests.


As mentioned above, regular PCR testing is mandatory in Abu Dhabi. Get the prescribed PCR tests according to your particular schedule. Count Day 1 as your day of arrival in Abu Dhabi.


- On Day 6, if you’re vaccinated and from a Green List country.

- On Day 6 and Day 9, if you’re unvaccinated and from a Green List country.

- On Day 4 and Day 8, if you’re vaccinated and from a non-Green List country.

- On Day 9 at a SEHA Prime Testing Facility, if you’re unvaccinated and from a non-Green List country.

Total Access for Vaccinated Travellers


If you need a temporary escape from the stress of daily living, go on a vacation at Yas Island Abu Dhabi.


Book your stay in one of the Abu Dhabi resort hotels or Abu Dhabi family hotels here on Yas Island. Bring your kids – children below 16 years of age don’t need to be vaccinated or undergo PCR testing – and visit some of the best amusement parks in the world.


Going for a Yas Island Abu Dhabi vacation is quick, easy and hassle-free, especially if you are fully vaccinated and coming from a Green List country. 


Check out our Yas Island offers and book your Yas Island holiday now.